Your Posture is your window to your spine by Dr. Craig Brady

Posture, how does it affect your health?
dr-craig-croppedAs a child, my parents were always telling me to sit up straight! They never gave me a reason as to why? As times and roles have changed, I find myself correcting my parent’s posture from time to time. I can however explain why poor posture may adversely impact your health!

Good posture is the ear over the shoulder, the shoulder over the hips and the hips over the ankle in a vertical imaginary line. With our modern day life style and the stresses of life on the body, many of us do not have good posture.

Poor posture may often indicate the presence of vertebral subluxations or misalignments in your spine which may place pressure on the vital communication network, the nervous system. This interferes with the normal communication which occurs between the brain and all of the muscles, organs, tissues and cells of the body. Like a kinked garden hose, you are not going to get a good supply of water to your garden. If poor posture places pressure on your nervous system, you may not get the right messages to all the vital organs in your body. Not only may you not function as well as you should, you are more likely to also suffer also from back pain and neck pain as muscles easily fatigue holding the poor posture .B As well as placing pressure on the nervous system, poor posture may also compress vital organs such as the heart and lungs which may contribute to respiratory and or blood pressure issues.

Try this – bring your head as far forward as you can, simulating poor forward head posture, which a lot of the younger generation have these days exacerbated with the use of iphones and tablets!

Now in this position take a deep breath in. More than likely this is difficult to do! Now bring your head back over your shoulders and take a deep breath in. Much easier isn’t it?, there is less stress to your spine, nervous system and organs. It consumes a lot of energy having poor posture. The muscles, the heart and lungs also have to work harder. Breathing capacity can be reduced by up to 30%! For many people, correct posture is difficult to sustain. The reason being, that the spine in that area is subluxated or misaligned. If this is the case, you are definitely in need of Chiropractic care. Good posture promotes the natural position of your joints, muscles and organs and reduces the risk of wearing. Good posture can also help with self confidence!

Accidents and injuries

car-accidentWhy you should get your spine checked after and accident or injury

A fall, car or bike accident, even a hit on the rugby field will cause your body injury. If we have broken bones, cuts or tears to the skin or muscle we think straight away to go to either the hospital or the doctor- and of course getting immediate attention for these issues is a given; however we seem to forget about the damage these traumas alsoB cause our spines! Even the slightest fall can cause structural distortions which lead to misalignment/ subluxations of the spinal joints (vertebrae). These subluxations pinch, stretch or compress your nerves which effects everything from your glands and organs to your muscles, skin tissue and even your brain; andB you could have these subluxations without even knowing it!

After the doctors have stitched, gauzed, given medications and recommendations there is a pause where everyone sits back and waits for the real healing to begin. While these, sometimes painless, subluxations lay dormant your nervous systemB remains pinched or compressed whichB may prolong the healing process and in some cases lead to further injury or illness.

This is why, when it is safe to do so, the body should receive chiropractic care. Chiropractic adjustments remove the subluxations by re-aligning the structure of the body relieving the pressure on the nerves enabling theB bodyB to begin to heal itself using it’s own innate inelegance.B Seeing a chiropractor after and accidentB may make the difference between life with pain, disability and sickness and life with health, activity and full recovery.

Strengthening your core

20-plank-easy20-plankPlankB B B B

Place your elbows underneath your shoulders, curl your toes under and engage your abs by tilting your pelvis and pulling your belly button toward your spine.

Straighten your body but keep your neck and spine neutral.B Imagine that youbre a plank of wood, and that youbre straight as an arrow.

Hold the plank for 15 secs and repeat 3 times.

If your lower back starts to collapse, stop the exercise.B Make 60 secs your goal.

Find this strengthening exercise and more in the stretches tab on our website.


What is wellness??

Wellness is adopting a variety of healthy habits for optimum function on all levels. Good nutrition, exercise and mental clarity are all a part of adopting a wellness lifestyle. Regular chiropractic care is also a very important part of this. Every function of our bodies is controlled by our nervous system and since we experience our lives through our nervous system it is essential to keep it functioning at its best.

Many of our patients choose wellness care here at Yes chiropractic. As they know the importance of maintaining a healthy spine and nervous system. Think of it like maintaining healthy teeth or even maintaining/servicing your car so that it runs well. Just like your teeth or your car, your nervous system also requires effort to maintain optimum function.

Why should you choose a wellness lifestyle? Beyond merely feeling better or preventing future health problems, a wellness lifestyle allows you to fully enjoy a quality life with more vitality, endurance, less stress, more freedom of movement and more time you can spend with your kids, your grandkids and even go on that holiday you have been planning; without being restricted by your health!

  1. Get rid of negative influences! If you’re having trouble sticking to better diet clear out all of the bad foods in your home.
  2. Drink plenty of water! Without water our body’s cells start to wilt, just like plants without water. Our bodies rely on it to keep working correctly.
  3. Eat well and eat slower! Eat food that nourish your body and really enjoy the food that you eat.
  4. Get enough rest! If you have trouble getting to sleep early, try using some blind folds, earplugs or some soothing music.
  5. Exercise regularly! Your body was made to move.
  6. Be Happy and think positive!

What is a subluxation?

What is a subluxation?
180px-subluxationSubluxations are spinal joints that are fixated, blocked upb, or not moving as they should. They alter the movement of the spine and may lead to irritation of the nerves and blood vessels branching out from the spinal cord. This interferes with the flow of nerve impulses and messages along the spine and nervous system, which may interfere with your bodybs innate ability to function at 100%.

Subluxations may affect:
– Joints.B This may become apparent when you are unable to reach normal range of motion. An example of this is when you are unable to reverse the car due to inability of your neck to turn far enough.
– Nerves. Caused by stress or pressure on your nerves.
– Muscles. When your muscles are tight, weak, in spasm, overly sensitive or sore. Your posture can also be affected, causing an imbalance and therefore body fatigue and increased joint wear and tear.
– Tissue. Tender btrigger pointsb or sore areas within your tissues and muscles. Ligaments, cartilage, discs, tendons and internal organs may be also be affected and then lead to instability to the area and increase the risk of osteoarthritis and degeneration occurring.

What causes a subluxation?
1. Physical stress
Injuries, accidents, slips and falls, prolonged abnormal posture, repetitive movements, poor sleeping conditions and the birth process. The birth process can be one of the most traumatic events in our lives causing great stress and pressure to a young spine.

2. Mental and emotional stress
Upsets, work pressure, arguments, personal traumas. life or career changesb&

3. Chemical stress
Toxins, additives and chemicals used in food production, cigarette smoking, medications and other pollutants in our environment.

How can I tell if I have a subluxation?
You can have subluxations and not even know it, however they may be affecting your health. Subluxations may be present before any warning signs appear. The results of a thorough examination can show the location and severity of any subluxation you may have.
How can subluxations be corrected?
The primary form of care to reduce subluxations is a schedule of Chiropractic adjustments. By applying a specific and precise force, in the right direction and at the right time, over time, changes in the position and motion of spinal bones can be made.

Quadriceps Stretch

Quad Stretch

Quadriceps-StretchUsing a chair in front of you, stand tall with your feet hip-width apart, relax your shoulders and keep your abdominals tight.Bend your left leg, bringing your heel toward yourB glutes grasp your left foot with your left hand, if the opposite hand is too uncomfortable. You should feel a mild pull gradually spread through the front of your left leg, hold for 30 seconds then switch sides.


What is a chiropractic adjustment?

What is an adjustment?

Tracey and Dr CraigA chiropractic adjustment applies a specific force (often a quick thrust) to a joint that is blocked upb, or not moving properly. Chiropractic adjustments improve spinal function, nervous system function and overall health.

Chiropractors perform many different types of adjustments, with particular attention paid to the spine. The Chiropractor will explain which technique he has chosen for you specifically however it will include firstly a method of analysis lying face down on the table. It is important to be lying face down in preparation before your Chiropractor enters the room as it allows for your body to relax more. There are many adjustments in which the Chiropractor will just use their hands to deliver a quick, accurate and gentle force into the joint. The Chiropractic table also has a specific drop piece component that drops away during the adjustment to allow for an even more gentle approach and at Yes Chiropractic we have invested in the most technically advanced tables to ensure this. There is also an instrument known as an Activator that can be used to deliver a very quick and specific force. This instrument is used most commonly when adjusting babies and patients with Osteoporosis.

Each patient’s spine and care plan is unique. There are 24 moving bones in the spine, each of which can move in several different directions, giving a wide veriety of spinal patterns. Each patient’s care is tailored to suit his or her age, condition, body type and health goals. After years of University training and having many years experience as a Chiropractor, Dr John and Dr Craig will choose the technique that is most appropriate for you to achieve the bestB results possible.