Don’t let holiday travel be a pain in your neck!

There’s a lot of time for making new memories with loved one over the holiday season, which could mean a lot of travel for some. We want to enjoy our time away and be able to have great experiences with our friends and family, however that isn’t always the case. With long distance hauls on trains, planes or in cars plus the unfamiliar sleeping arrangements you endure during your visit can lead to some aches & pains. This year stay a head of the game and don’t let travel become a pain in your neck! Try a few of these tricks to keep your holiday experience enjoyable.
Traveling by road:
-TAKE A BREAK! I know you just want to get to Grandma’s house, but if grandma lives 5 hours away you need to take some time to stretch out and get some feeling back into those legs! Our bodies were made to move, so if you’re going to be sitting for more than a few hours make sure you schedule in some rest stops along the way.
-Loosen up a bit! There are plenty of behind the wheel stretches to help loosen your muscles while you sit at the traffic lights. Even a couple over shoulder rolls while your on the road can help you along as well.
-Be supportive with yourself…literally! Take some neck and back support with you! And keep and eye on your posture while you are driving, if you need to stop and re adjust your seat a few minutes off the road can help with
Travelling by Air:
-Pick an aisle seat. This makes it easier for you to get up and move around. Remember to stretch as well, aisle seat or not! The way you feel when you get off the plane is more important than the minor disturbance of asking seat 22 to let you pass for the second time, trust me it’s worth it!
-A small rolled up towel or even a cardigan can come in good use as a back support, carry a travel pillow for some neck support as well!
-WATER, WATER, WATER!! Stay hydrated, the air on the plane can really dehydrate you, a dehydrated body can severely effect the way your nervous system functions. This can create all sorts of problems. So put down the inflight beer, at least for now!
Travel & Sleep:
Grandma’s spare bed mattress from HELL can ruin your holiday on the first night! So could that too stiff mattress at the hotel.These types of things really are unavoidable, however you may be able to reduce them from effecting you too much during your time away.
-Try travelling with your own pillow to avoid unnecessary neck pain or sleepless nights.
-Stretch before and after bed. It will help keep you feeling flexible and reduce stiffness in the mornings as well.