Accidents and injuries

car-accidentWhy you should get your spine checked after and accident or injury

A fall, car or bike accident, even a hit on the rugby field will cause your body injury. If we have broken bones, cuts or tears to the skin or muscle we think straight away to go to either the hospital or the doctor- and of course getting immediate attention for these issues is a given; however we seem to forget about the damage these traumas alsoB cause our spines! Even the slightest fall can cause structural distortions which lead to misalignment/ subluxations of the spinal joints (vertebrae). These subluxations pinch, stretch or compress your nerves which effects everything from your glands and organs to your muscles, skin tissue and even your brain; andB you could have these subluxations without even knowing it!

After the doctors have stitched, gauzed, given medications and recommendations there is a pause where everyone sits back and waits for the real healing to begin. While these, sometimes painless, subluxations lay dormant your nervous systemB remains pinched or compressed whichB may prolong the healing process and in some cases lead to further injury or illness.

This is why, when it is safe to do so, the body should receive chiropractic care. Chiropractic adjustments remove the subluxations by re-aligning the structure of the body relieving the pressure on the nerves enabling theB bodyB to begin to heal itself using it’s own innate inelegance.B Seeing a chiropractor after and accidentB may make the difference between life with pain, disability and sickness and life with health, activity and full recovery.