Healthy Bones

Keeping your bones healthy requires much more than just a glass of milk in the morning; in fact, you need MUCH more calcium than that! You can get sufficient calcium in your diet by adding foods like kale, spinach, broccoli, flaxseeds and sesame seeds, to name a few. Though a calcium rich diet does help, your bones need a little more care and nurturing. Getting enough Vitamin D and weight bearing exercises such as weight training, squats or even jumping on trampoline can help too. Chiropractic adjustments may also help with healthy joint function and relieving stress on vunerable areas.

Benefits of Eating Breakfast

Benefits of Eating Breakfast (including but not limited to…)

1: Increase Metabolism

2: Maintain or lose weight

3: Enhance Mood

4: Enhance Immune System

5: Stimulate Intelligence

Why is Good Posture Important?

Good posture may help us keep bones and joints in proper alignment so that our muscles are used correctly and decreasing the abnormal wearing of joint surfaces that could result in degenerative arthritis and joint pain.

Reduces the stress on the ligaments holding the spinal joints together, minimizing the likelihood of the injury.

Encourages muscles to work more efficiently, allowing the body to use less energy and therefore preventing muscle fatigue.

Helps prevent muscle strain, overuse disorders and even back or muscular pain.

4 Benefits From Working Out

Four Benefits From Working Out You May Not Have Known About!

#1 It adds a healthy glow to your skin:
Revving up your blood flow through aerobic exercises helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to your skin, improving the health and look of your skin almost instantly!

#2 It can help with recovery from major illnesses:
Recent studies have shown that exercise is effective with helping those who may be recovering from stroke. For decades people suffering from certain diseases have been advised not to exercise however these recent studies conclude that getting your heart rate up can help with rehabilitation.

#3 It can help shrink fat cells:
Ok, so we all know that one of the benefits of exercise can be weight loss but what you may not know is that by exercising regularly we are gaining a stronger cardiovascular system. This benefits you both before and after you’re working out! A strong cardiovascular system produces more oxygen which helps turn your fat into energy. Look at this way, if your cardiovascular system is in good health you may be burning fat cells outside of your workouts!

#4 It can help keep the brain in tack:
As we age, our brain cells deplete and although we cannot generate new brain cells, exercise has been proven to slow down brain cell loss! One study shows that after only 6 weeks of training, working out can improve your memory and attention span!

Easter Colouring in Competition 2023

Easter 2023

It’s time for our annual Yes Chiropractic Easter Colouring in Competition!
Do you have any little one’s who see Dr. Paul/Dr Craig or who tag along to your appointments?
Well we have just the thing for them!
Here’s how it works!
1) Click the link above to access this year’s picture
2) Print out picture
3) Colour to your hearts content!
4) Bring along with you to your next appointment

There are some egg-xcellent prizes to be won!

Food For The Heart

Foods that your heart will love!

Berries are rich in antioxidants like anthocyanins, which protect against the oxidative stress and inflammation that may contribute to the development of heart disease.

Avocados are an excellent source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, which have been linked to reduced levels of cholesterol and a lower risk of heart disease.

Dark Chocolate;
Dark Chocolate is rich in antioxidants like flavonoids, which can help boost heart health when consumed in moderation (less than 6 servings a week).

Yes Chiropractic’s New Year Resolution 2023

It’s that time of year again when everyone is setting out New Year’s Resolutions and unfortunately it won’t be long till a majority of people start breaking them. There are many reasons why New Year Resolutions don’t stick- they may be unrealistic, there is a lack of self-discipline or life gets too busy. Our New Year resolution is all about YOU and what we can do to make 2023 a healthier year for you. Our goal is not only to maintain but also to improve the high standard of care you’ve experienced with us at Yes Chiropractic.
As part of our resolution, we want to help you be a healthier, happier versions of yourselves. Your success is ours, and we are committed to your health and well-being.
As well as guiding you through your treatment for pain relief we will include specific techniques and exercises that correct the underlying cause of your problems, not just give you temporary relief.
Chiropractic care is valuable for you, and is valuable for your children. Kids are natural explorers – they run, jump, climb things, fall down, and bounce around. Kids are resilient – this ability to recover quickly is one of the great benefits of being very young. Occasionally, one of these activity-related injuries impacts a child’s spine. Nothing obvious has happened and nothing hurts. But there may be subtle injuries to spinal muscles and spinal ligaments that have a long-term effect on spinal nerve function.
Regular chiropractic checkups help keeps you in tip-top shape. Those who are active, have stressful lives, or want to be their very best, find that a schedule of preventative visits are helpful in the maintenance of good health and for keeping your body functioning at its best.
Let us help make 2023 a healthier year for you and your family!

Driving Posture

Interstate truck drivers, machine drivers, those who drive to different work stations throughout their day and those who drive long hauls to and from work each day, you name em’, we’ve seen em’! Safe to say we have seen the many health problems that may arise while sitting for an extended period of time, such as long distance driving.
One thing we may be able to help with is the correct posture to maintain while driving. Ensuring ears are in line with the middle of your shoulders, lower back is pressed against seat, shoulders are in line with hips, seat is back and upright-close to steering wheel and that your hips are even.
A few more tips include adequate stretches and breaks in between driving to get a chance to get out of the vehicle and move around or roll up a towel and place at your lower back for extra support. Correct driving posture can make all the difference!

Work Ergonomics Checklist

Work Ergonomics Checklist:

Sitting Posture;
Shoulders should be relaxed, CHECK!
Forearms and hands in a straight line, CHECK!
Thighs should be horizontal to the floor, CHECK!
Chair should provide lumbar support, CHECK!
Top your screen at or just below eye level, CHECK!
Monitor arms-length from face, CHECK!

Standing Posture;
Keep shoulders back and relaxed, CHECK!
Abdominals activated, CHECK!
Feet and shoulders width apart, CHECK!

Chiropractic-The Beginning

September 18, in Davenport Iowa, Dr. Daniel David Palmer claimed, the cause of any and all disease could be removed by – and needing nothing more than – his hands.

Dr. Palmer noticed that the Janitor who worked in his building (Harvey Lillard) was hearing impaired, almost completely deaf. Upon questioning, Harvey explained to Dr. Palmer that he had lost most of his hearing 17 years earlier when he felt a “pop” in his upper back or neck. Dr. Palmer examined the area and noticed a bump, which he determined to be a spinal vertebrae out of position. Having knowledge of the anatomy, Dr. Palmer convinced Harvey to allow him to help by pushing the bone back into place.

History is uncertain as to whether it was the one visit or several, but as a result Harvey received his hearing back! From that point Dr. Palmer changed his practice over to this new method of replacing spinal bones that were out of position, allowing a wide variation of people to heal. His practice grew and the profession of Chiropractic was born.
Within two years Dr. Palmer opened the first school of Chiropractic in Davenport. It was his son Dr. BJ Palmer who continued the school after the death of his father. It is Dr. BJ Palmer who is given credit for growing and developing the profession of Chiropractic into what it has become today.

The Philosophy of Chiropractic:
Chiropractors approach health in a holistic manner. They recognize there is an innate intelligence that uses the brain and nervous system to control and maintain the body in health. Interference to the nervous system can lead to a change in health-disease or loss of function, more than that this interference may affect performance on multiple levels. When a Chiropractor corrects spinal abnormalities and eliminates nerve irritation and interference, pain may be alleviated and the body’s inborn healing capabilities set into motion.
“The Power That Made The Body, Heals The Body”