Chiropractic care post surgery?

spinal-surgeryChiropractic, back surgery and disc problems

Back surgery is only necessary in a small number of cases. These usual involve patients with fractured vertebrae or kyphosis, or when degenerative disc disease has progressed so far that the spinal nerves are beingB compressed causing constant and server pain. Spinal surgery should only be considered after more naturalB and non-invasive methods have been given a fair chance. Chiropractic care is not only recommended for prevention of back surgery for those that have chronic pain and disc injuries, it is also recommended for the prevention of these things fromB happening in the first place.

For those who have had surgery, be rest assured, chiropractic after surgery is very safe. Our qualified Chiropractors are experienced healthcare professionals. Dr John Sichter and Dr Craig Brady will give you a thorough examination involving; going through your detailed medical history, taking x-rays and doing a careful physical evaluation to assess your situation before beginning treatment. After your back has had time to recover it is important to get adjusted to help get the rest of your joints move properly again. You should consult with your surgeon and Chiropractor as to when it is appropriate for you to start or continue your chiropractic care.