Festive Season Nutrition

Itbs the silly season, already! We all know what that meansb&.CELEBRATIONS! Which usually call for a few moreB champagnes and a couple more canapes than usual (YUM)
Itbs all fun and games until January the 1st when we realize that maybe we may have celebrated a little too hard?? When the parties are over the bNEW YEAR, NEW MEb guilt sets in; many of us will be struggling to get the ball rolling.
But alas, you donbtB HAVE to give in to holiday temptation, try some of these little tricks to keep yourself on track and feeling great through the holidaysb&.
If drinking is a big part of the party, you can limit your consumption by alternating with water or soda water with lemon or lime.
You can limit your food intake at the party by eating a healthy snack before you head out.
-Hosting a party? Try using veggie platters with veggie based dips instead of serving crackers and heavy dips or cheeses.
-Be conscious about what you are eating, itbs easy to get caught up in the moment however if you select a few healthier options, you may find that youbre too full to fill up on the more bnaughtyb canapC)s.