Four benefits you didn't know you get when you workout

#1 It makes your skin look better:
Revving up your blood flow through aerobic exercises helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to your skin improving the health and look of your skin almost instantly!
#2 Helps with recovery from major illnesses:
In a recent study done of more than 300 clinic trails, researchers found that exercise is effective at helping those recovering from stroke. For decades people suffering certain diseases have been advised not to exercise however this recent study concludes that getting your heart rate up actually helps with rehabilitation.
#3 Shrinks your fat cells:
Ok so we all know that one of the benefits of exercise can be weight loss but what we may not know is that by exercising regularly we are gaining a stronger cardiovascular system. This benefits you not only while youbre working out but after as well. A strong cardiovascular system produces more oxygen which helps turn your fat into energy. So if youbre cardiovascular system is in good health youbre burning fat cells outside of your workouts!
#4 It makes you smarter:
As we age our brain cells deplete, and although we cannot generate new brain cells exercise has been proven to slow down brain cell loss! One study shows that after only six weeks of training improves your memory and attention span!
There are plenty of reasons to workout. If youbre looking to benefit from these reasons or others everybody should take the time to get at least 30 minutes of exercise per day to keep both your mind and body healthy. For only 2% of your 24hr day you reap benefits that last a lifetime! LETS GET MOVING!