The Team at Yes Chiropractic would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. Best wishes for 2017 we hope that you have another fantastic year!

The year 2016 was full of excitement here at Yes Chiropractic….

We started the year by welcoming well known faces into the clinic with loving and healing energy (as always) and were all excited to be apart of the healing process for many new faces that walked through the door. The year was filled with plenty of new things beginning with a much needed make over to the Yes Chiro clinic! A new coat of paint and some flooring upgrades left us feeling refreshed and made our patients feel that little bit more comfortable and relaxed, its amazing how small changes can make such a big impact. It’s safe to say the place now looks bright and energetic which compliments the positive vibes here very well.

As the months flew by we took up opportunities to further educate our community by attending the Brisbane Great South Run. This not only allowed us to talk to our local fitness fanatics about the benefits of Chiropractic but also a chance to mingle with some of our current patients outside of the clinic. A few LEGENDARY patients (and their friends) joined our Yes Chiro Crew and ran in the race on behalf of Yes Chiropractic. What a bunch of champions! We had such a great time there that we decided to then sponsor the Logan Running Festival later in the year. Although we didn’t have a team for that race we did have fun meeting all of the motivated runners that day.

With the year half gone already we took some time to appreciate one thing that means so much to us, OUR PATIENTS! We opened our doors to our patients, their friends and family members to enjoy some healthy snacks and refreshments while Dr John and Dr Craig did what they do the best!  We enjoyed meeting new people and having the opportunity to share with them the wonders of Chiropractic. To make everyone’s day we sent each person off with a special gift, to help us say “Thank you, we appreciate you”. A lovely day for all 🙂

As we reached closer to the end of the year we celebrated Yes Chiropractic’s 5th BIRTHDAY! As well as a very special birthday…. 2016 was the year that Dr John and Steffi’s second baby girl was born, Sophia happy, healthy and well adjusted!! And last, but not least, 2016 gave us the pleasure of Christina join our team! Christina is a great fit to our team and we are very lucky to have her.

Over all 2016 was a great year! We would like to thank you all for  your continuous support of Yes Chiropractic. We are honoured to be a part of each and every patients journey towards better health, last year, this year and (we hope) for many more years to come.

Family photo_Bec Compressed

Dr John, Steffi, Jelina and Sophia

welcome christina

Welcome Christina

happy bday yes 5th bday

Happy 5th Birthday Yes Chiropractic


Tracey & Amie with a basket full of goodies for Patient Appreciation Day

logan run fest sponsor

Logan Running Festival

great south run 2016

Yes Chiro Team of champions after the race at Brisbane’s Great South Run