Healthy Winter Tips- By CA Amie

I personally hate the cold, and unfortunately for me, theB cold weather has returned with a vengeance this year! Each year just seems to get colder making it harder to maintain my health and my motivation! So this winter I’ve decided to fight back! No longer will my winters consist of the sniffles or gaining a few extra kilos from skipping the gym, NOPE! This time I’m going to use this season to get healthier than ever! And the way I’m going to do that is by setting one goal, that goal is …..BOOSTING MY IMMUNITY!
Sounds pretty simple right? Just one little goal? It might sound simple but boosting your immune system takes a lot more than justB popping a few extra vitamins! So where to begin…
I am going to start with my diet 🙂 I amB currently a Paleo Vegetarian. This simply means IB DO NOTB eat dairy, grains, processed foods or refined sugars and I also do not eat meat. B What I will being doing is adding extra immune boostingB ingredients to my diet including; citrus, carrots, turmeric, garlic, ginger, broccoli, spinach, green tea and a few other bits and pieces. As well as this I will be taking a couple of GOOD QAULITYB supplements, such as Vit C and Vit D.
Now what’s next?…Oh yes EXERCISE!! I already love to exercise, but I find in the colder months I tend to slack off a bit (actually a lot this year so far) A few things that are going to keep me motivated to maintain my exercise regime are: “JUST DO IT” you know that good old saying? I figure if I can “Just do” some cardio outsideB in 7 degree weather at 6am, I can “Just do” pretty much anything! So more outdoor exercise during winter is the plan, of course I’ll be putting on a few layers but I will warm up in time. Another motivating idea is to start an exercise class, indoor or out door I am not sure which one yet, have even considered water aerobics! (heated pools only) Getting some extra Vit D throughout winter is definitely a good idea so outdoor cardio or Bootcamp in the sun will ensure I am getting a good dose.
This sounds like a fun but cold journey already 🙂 There is one more thing I want to work on to reach my goal. STRESS LESS! Stress is a huge immune system downer! I don’t suffer from it all of the time, but if I have a big week of assignments due I tend to get a little stressed out! Everything I plan on doing already will help to relive stress, I just want to add one more prevention method to make sure I’ll be stress free during theB winter and beyond. Some people meditate, I have chosen laughter…that’s right I am going to laugh more! Whether that means watching funny cat videos, or going to a comedy night, or being silly with friends, whatever it is I will make a point of getting a good dose of laughter in everyday 🙂
There you have it, my tips to a healthier winter! I would love for anyone out there to join me this winter and challenge yourself with this ONE GOAL! Challenge yourself to better your immunity and see the benefits with your health, body and mind.
I will be sure to keep you all updated!
Until then, stay warm and be healthy 🙂
Amie “JUST DO IT” Miller
Chiropractic Assistant