Meal Planning

Planning and prepping your family’s meals saves you money, time and most importantly ensures your family are eating nutritious and delicious meals each day. Don’t know where to start? Here are some of our best family meal prepping tips:
1. Start Small- if you haven’t done it before don’t dive into prepping every meal for every day. Start with two meals a week and work your way up from there.
2. Write it down- keep track of what your making. A fun way to get the family excited about it too is to write your menu on a black board. Write down everything you need on a shopping list, this will save you time and stop any impulse purchases which will save money too.
3. Set aside the time- We know you’re busy, but setting aside time to meal plan and prep will save you time later down the track. Think ahead with your prepping, if you need to cook chicken on Tues then have it in the fridge defrosting on Monday. Use your leftovers during the week for the weekend.
4. Involve the kids- The aim of food prepping, as well as saving time and money, is to make sure your family is eating wholesome food. This can also be a way of teaching your kids the importance of healthy eating. Involving the kids in meal planning guarantees they will have something on the table that they will like. You can also make it fun with theme nights!