Mental Clarity

One thing we tend to overlook or do not pay much attention to is our mental clarity. Do we feel focused and energized? Are we happy? Are we handling stressful situations in a healthy and calm manner?
Technology plays a big part in keeping our brains feeling bfoggyb. Having over stimulated brains can leave us feeling a bit bscatteredb or all over the place, which can produce bscatteredb and not very well thought of decisions. Unfortunately, the growth of technology is not slowing down anytime soon. However, that does not mean that we cannot help our brains gain back some control!
There are a few tricks to help you build more mental clarity. To start with creating a familiar routine works wonders in motivating your brain to do its best and most focused work. This could be a morning routine, bedtime routine, or a full day routine, just stick to it and allow your brain to do its thing.
Secondly, STOP multitasking! Multitasking constantly can actually reduce productivity. Instead try picking 3 of the most important tasks, starting on one for a period of time then moving on to the next. One task at a time focus on getting small parts done, equally sharing out the time you have allocated for completion of all tasks.
Get a little boost! You may be eating well, exercising and even taking regular breaks from technology but still feel a little muddled, anxious or depressed, and that is common. A buildup of daily stressors over time can really drain us mentally. You may find that some supplements can help give you that extra boost you need. Check with your nutritionist for vitamins thatB you may be lacking.