Myths and Facts of Exercising During Pregnancy

Women should stop exercising closer to labor?
MYTH-Exercising right up until labor reduces the risk of premature labor and the need for drugs or operative intervention during labor.
Exercise leads to overheating and dehydration which can endanger the baby?
MYTH-Expecting mothers actually have an increase ability to reduce excess heat during pregnancy, which will stop body temperatures getting high enough to bother the baby. Taking precautions will also help with this, exercise inside or when it is cool outside with ample air flow, and stay hydrated before, during and after exercise.
Weight training is unsafe during pregnancy?
MYTH-Heavy weight training does alter breathing and can affect the blood flow to the uterus, however light weight training is completely safe and helps to maintain muscle tone throughout pregnancy.
Exercise lowers your risk of gestational diabetes?
FACT-Exercising throughout pregnancy can help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 27%
Exercising while pregnant helps reduce back pain?
FACT-Yoga, water workouts and strengthening exercises can help reduce lower back pain throughout pregnancy and labor!
Your exercise regime should be painless and not cause any symptoms of poor health, in fact it should be doing the opposite! If any symptoms or pain occurs please consult your health professionals.