Remember SANTA These Holidays

Tis’ the season to love, laugh and play with family and friends. To take a break and enjoy making beautiful memories with your loved ones. It is also a great time to take a break from work and get some well-needed rest! Although we may be taking a mental break over the holidays, our spines will still be hard at work, it’s important for our spines to stay healthy over the holiday season and who better to remind us of what to do than Santa himself!
Next time you see Santa in the shops, in x-mas lights or on Christmas trees remember these five important tips. Stand up straight, Active, Nutrition, Time out, Adjustment.

Stand up straight
Good posture is essential to having a strong and healthy spine. Practice correcting your posture as often as you can to help prevent aches and pains over your holidays!
Being at the gym during the holidays would be the last thing on anyone’s mind, however you don’t need the gym to stay active. Find some things you enjoy doing outside with the family or friends. Go hiking, surfing or swimming. Try picking things that are fun and make the body move. Maybe even take advantage of the spare time you have and go for an afternoon strolls with the family.
This time of year, it is hard to say no to the many delicious temptations on offer, you do not have to deprive yourself of treats but remember to enjoy things in moderation. The nutrients found in fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds and quality animal proteins are essential for keeping your bones, muscles and other structures of the spine strong enough to support your body.
Time Out
Holidays can sometimes get so busy that you may feel you need a holiday from your holiday! Be careful not to burn yourself out, it is important to give your body adequate rest to help it recover and restore itself the best it can. Just remember to keep your spine in mind when choosing that comfortable relaxation position, good posture is still important here.
We understand it can be hard to balance a healthy lifestyle and a social lifestyle, especially over the holiday season. Dr John and Dr Craig are here to help! With our flexible hours it’s easy to stay on track with your care.