Side Angle Psoas Stretch

ThisB stretchB helps to strengthen the Psoas of the front leg while stretching the Psoas of the back leg. Start by standing legs a little more than hip width apart. Turn your back foot so itbs parallel andB turn the front foot facing toes forward. Bring your front elbow to your front thigh, and extend your top arm over your head keeping the arm straight. Your front leg should now be at a 90 degree angle, torso tight and front elbow resting on your thigh with your other arm over head. Attempt to stretch out as far as you can while leaving the front elbow pressed against your thigh.
Return to centre by slowly raising your front arm upward, keeping both arms straight until your hands meet in the middle, swap your feet positions and proceed to stretch in the other direction, first slowly lower your arm in the front until your elbow reaches your thigh. Then follow the same directions as above.