It was suggested I try Chiropractic

Occasionally I had been to a Chiropractor in the past, but was still sceptical as I did not think that the few adjustments received had done a whole lot for me. With some convincing, I decided to give Chiropractic another chance. The Chiropractor that I went to took my X-rays onsite and educated me about how much damage was present and what may be done to help. The Chiropractor suggested a course of intensive Chiropractic Care over a few months. To begin with I was not keen on the recommended amount of visits that would be needed, nor the costs involved, but I was in a lot of pain. What were my options: more drugs or eventual surgery which may cost up to $80,000. I decided to begin some regular Chiropractic Care. Within a short period of time there was a gradual loss of back pain. As the pain decreased, my range of motion through my lower back improved. After keeping up with the regular care recommended by the Chiropractor, my energy also seemed to increase. Once again I was able to enjoy my riding!!

I was fascinated with my Improvements in Health

I did not mention to the Chiropractor that I also suffered from headaches on a regular basis. These too disappeared with my lower back pain. Amazed with the improvement in my health, I thought it may be possible for me to change career paths, go to university for five years, become a qualified Chiropractor and help others achieve similar outcomes. Chiropractic then became my vocation! I am proud to be part of the Browns Plains Chiropractic team and love witnessing changes in people’s lives every day; I could not imagine doing anything else.