Steffi’s Easy, Healthy School Lunch Ideas

School is back! One thing we have noticed come up a lot when talking to parents about the start of the new school year is the chore of making school lunches! The two biggest issues are keeping it interesting and keeping it healthy.
Since 1/3 of our kids meals come from their school lunchbox, making healthy choices is super important. It not only makes them feel better, but they also perform better if they do not have to deal with the effects that come with sugary, processed foods.
There is an endless supply of packaged, convenient snack foods in our supermarkets, but most are processed and packed with sugar.
Stay away from supermarket muesli bars, fruit twists and chips. Some healthier alternatives are natural seaweed snacks or Coconut yoghurt. The easiest way to know that your kids are getting the right nutrients in their school lunches is to make them yourself .Our practice manager and Dr John’s lovely wife Steffi has put together a few quick and easy school lunch ideas to share with you. Their eldest daughter has just started school and she is thoroughly enjoying mum’s lunch box fillings!! Here are some ideas for you to try, keep an eye out for our next blog of a few of Steffi’s quick easy recipes..

Simple Salad-lettuce, cucumber, carrot, tomato with homemade dressing. Homemade chicken mince muffins. BBQ grilled steak and squash. Watermelon hearts, carrot sticks and pear

Marinated chicken drumsticks (tamari ,honey ,salt, pepper)Carrots, tomato, apricot, grapes, blueberries and cheese. Coyo coconut yoghurt and homemade banana bread muffin.

Steffi’s healthy pork schnitzel. Cheese. Carrot sticks. Home made muffin. Sauerkraut. Raspberries, mango, cucumber. Seaweed snacks. Apple.

Dr John and Steffi’s daughter Jelina with her lunch box! Filled with goodies like: Homemade sweet potato fries. steamed brocoli. cauliflower rice with butter chicken. Apricot. Kids probiotic bite, cucumber, cheese,grapes bluberries, banana and apple. Olives, organic hotdog.