Travel right these holidays!

suitcase-travelMany of us will be travelling to spend time with family and friends during the holiday season. Whether youbre taking a plane, train or driving the car or camper van, inevitably you will be sitting for a long period of time and prolonged sitting as well as other travel stresses can wreak havoc on your body. Taking a few simple precautions can help make travelling more comfortable and keep you pain free these holidays.

-Lumbar Support: Many seats are not designed to provide adequate low back support. Carry a small towel with you on your travels; you can roll it to the appropriate sized based on how much support is needed.

-Keep moving: Getting out of the car every couple of hours to move and stretch will reduce the risk of any swelling, fatigue or discomfort in your muscles. Also getting up from your seat in the plane or varying your seated position occasionally will help with circulation.

-Luggage: Always use luggage with wheels. Not only does this take pressure off your back, it is much easier to maneuver and you have less risk of muscle strains in your back, neck and shoulders. Keep your carry on luggage to a minimum and when lifting your luggage bend at the knees, and hold the items close to your body.

TIP: Pack a tennis ball to use as a self-massager whenever you need. Put it between your back and a wall or the floor and roll side to side and up and down to give yourself some quick relief.