Why you should wave goodbye to Wheat!

wheat-foodsThere are many nutritionists out there preaching about the health benefits of removing wheat from your diet, why is this? For as long as we can remember wheat has been a staple for humanity; why all of a sudden has wheat gained such a bad reputation? Here are the factsb&

Modern day wheat is not the same as your grandparents ate. Scientists have developed new hybrid strains of wheat to create hardier wheat fields and fluffier pastries. These strains of wheat contain entirely new forms of gluten, not found in original plants. Our bodies were never made to process this modified wheat and now that scientist have found a way to liquefy gluten, itbs found in everything from processed meats to shampoo, it is very hard to decrease our gluten exposure.

This is creating a real danger to our health, and in some cases even causing chronic illness. One common disease caused by wheat irritants is celiac disease bwhen the immune system reacts abnormally to gluten causing bowel damage. Even if you donbt suffer from and autoimmune disease such as this wheat can still affect your health, it has been linked to over 55 diseases! How sob&?

Well, when any part of your body is injured the immune systembs response is inflammation. The proteins found in wheat trigger this response in the gut. Inflammation in the gut messes up that system of border control. It loosens the junctions between cells in the gut wall so too much stuff can pass through. This is often described as making the gut bleakyb (hence the popular name of bleaky gutb) the larger, undigested food molecules, toxins, yeast and forms of waste can now flow freely through the blood stream. When your immune system cannot fight off all the foreign organisms running through the blood stream they absorb into the tissues of the body and cause inflammation. This can cause the symptoms of poor health that we all know of as; headaches, itchy skin, IBS, mood swings, Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, fatigue and brain fogb&. the list goes on.

So whatbs the solution? The best solution would be to give up grains all together and stick to eating wholefoods (fruits, nuts, seeds and lots of veg) and use organically made/grown products.