Sick care in the workplace is rising!

The statistics on the amount of sick days taken in Australia due to stress, illness and workplace injuries is dramatically high, and it is rising. With this alarming increase, it is becoming impossible for employers to keep up with the rise financially.

Surprisingly, now the numbers for loss in productivity from people being ‘present’ but not working, is far higher than those of absenteeism. Workplace absenteeism is costing Australian companies approximately $40 billion a year.

How do we solve the problem??

The most important first step is to give the staff and employees the tools to make the right decisions about their health and this starts with their education in the workplace. Yes Chiropractic offers a Corporate Opportunity to educate your employees on site. When educated about proper Ergonomics and Posture in the workplace and correct lifestyle choices, people are more inspired to look after their health.

Choose One of the Following

Power Half Hour

Duration Cost
30 min $200

Very informative and popular lunch talk centred on improving performance in the workplace by identifying the common stressors faced and to overcome them. In particular, our experienced presenters will bring to light the issues of Posture, Stress and Toxins and how they impact your health, even outside of the workplace.

Choose One of the Following

On-site Spinal Check

Duration Cost
2 hrs (10 min per person) $300

This style of workshop is more interactive with demonstrations about posture and proper Ergonomics in the workplace first, followed by an individual Posture assessment and health check of each individual. This is a great opportunity for each employee to gain valuable information about how to improve their own health.

The assessment includes; Posture, movement/range of motion, Spinal imbalances and assessment of the effects on their Nervous System. All employees that participate are entitled to a YES Corporate discount when choosing the full examination at the office.

Our objective is to inspire better overall health to any workplace and we will design our talks accordingly. Whether it is for a corporate setting, gym or sporting facility, child care centre or school we want to share and provide information about health for all ages. If you are interested in more information about how we can help you and your staff, please call our office on (07) 3133 4199, we will be happy to assist you.

Feedback from our community health talks:

“We appreciate the service and felt the talk was very informative and relevant to our business. A number of questions were asked and the staff have taken the info so I feel in time it will provide value to both businesses. Thank you, Trisha CBRE, Springwood”