Tension Headaches

heaches-brainDo you suffer tension headaches?

One of the most common health issues experienced by Australians is theB headache! Headaches can be a result of many things starting from; dehydration to stress to muscle tension. Good lifestyle choices can help to prevent headaches. Prevention of headaches seems to be the best treatment, although even when living the healthiest lifestyle headaches may still arise.B Tension headaches are most common, 90% of headache complaints are from tension headaches usually caused from some form of stress to the body, mental or physical. Other causes may include poor posture, concentrating on phone or computer screens for too long or mental stress such as anxiety etc.

Tension headaches usually start off as a dull ache and a build up of tension around the scalp or neck. The feeling of pressure pushing around the inside of the head isB usually what isB described by the suffer, often this feeling of constriction is caused by tiny muscle contractions. When you are suffering tension headaches the best solution would be to rest in a dark room, use icepacks or remove the tension in your neck musclesB by massaging the area.

Prevention is the key to treat re-occurringB headaches. Chiropractic careB may help with this. Spinal adjustments correct any subluxations in the spine improving blood flow and reducing muscle tension around the head and neck.